World-unique installation of DCT through-wall machine

World-unique installation of DCT through-wall machine

World-unique installation of DCT through-wall machine


We are pleased to announce you that we installed DCT cleaning machine InJet® 388 TWIN CRRD through a wall for the first time in Siix, Hungary. The installation is unique in the world.

This revolutionary setup brings many benefits:

+ It is optimized for cleanrooms

+ It has an airtight seal which is in accordance with cleanroom requirements

+ It uses easy maintenance movement mechanism, so the maintenance job (like filter exchange) is done outside the cleanroom

+ It needs zero space in the cleanroom - all operations run outside the cleanroom, preventing leaks or any contamination

+ It is an operator-friendly solution, saving the machine operation and machine loading time

+ This solution is suitable for those who need to minimize the machine footprints in the cleanroom and want to avoid the additional contamination, by bringing polluted PCBs and parts to cleanroom


We would like to thank all the people involved in this unique project for their effort and determination.


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