Production and Quality

Where does DCT manufacture its products?

All products are made only at company headquarters in the Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe.

The quality of our manufacturing draws on the long tradition of engineering and chemical production in the Czech Republic.

Czechs, indeed, have been responsible for many revolutionary inventions, for example: the propeller, the lightning conductor, contact lenses, Semtex explosives and so on.

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How do we control our quality?

We are certified as part of a worldwide quality management system by LLOYD'S.

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We provide the longest warranty period on the market

15-year warranty on frame


Certified stainless steel

The use of AISI 316 and AISI 304 stainless steel 


Hand welds

precise hand welding ensures the quality and lifespan of the weld


Surface treatment

the lifespan of the weld is ensured by special chemical treatment


Loading tests

we control the 15-year guaranteed life of the machine through loading tests

3-year warranty on components

We use high-quality components made by leading global manufacturers from Germany, France, Italy, Japan and the Czech Republic.
Carefully selected and tested components guarantee reliability and minimum maintenance for our customers.

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High quality yields high efficiency

We use only the highest quality chemical substances from renowned manufacturers from Europe and the USA. This means that our fluids are highly effective and long-lasting in cleaning processes. 

Our products are exceptionally environmentally-friendly.

Our manufacturing process uses eco-friendly raw materials.
We always try to find the ideal balance between ecology and efficiency.

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We have a proven portfolio of creating cleaning fluids with high security

  • most liquids do not have a flash point
  • specially developed for no-risk use on cleaning machines
  • they are very safe and user-friendly for the operator
  • water-based liquids do not need special conditions for handling and storage  


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Maximal compatibility with materials

The high quality of the input materials and its proper amount ensures the high quality of our cleaning fluids for the cleaned material.

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Special surfaces

We specially chemically treated all surfaces which come into contact with control fluid.  With this modification, there is no distortion of the measurement results.

Special distribution systems

The distribution of the measuring device is made for a chemically inert material that ensures measurement accuracy and long life.

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