Demo centre

Demo centre Boskovice

DCT Czech s.r.o.
Havlíčkova 18, 680 01 Boskovice
Czech Republic




Within the premises of our company, you can exploit the services of our demo centre. The demo centre is equipped with our cleaning machines and cleaning fluids which we can adapt to the individual needs of our customers. Just come visit us and bring your application with you. We will identify the best cleaning process for you free of charge, of course. To see the effects of the cleaning for yourself, thanks to ROSE tester and CVA machine you can also view if the cleaning process was effective. Part of the testing in our demo centre also consists of a report which describes what we have tested, which cleaning machine and cleaning fluid we've used, and which results we've obtained. In the final part of the report, you will obtain a specific recommendation for the cleaning process which is the most suited to your needs.

We offer you the main benefits in the form of a complex cleaning solution. We provide the cleaning machine and the cleaning fluid which best solve your problem. Moreover, we provide you services for our machines and we can train your servicemen too. We will go over the machine with you and respond to all of your questions. We want to make you as satisfied as possible.

Cleaning systems:

  • INJET® 388 CRD
  • INJET® 888 CRD