ROSE tester 54 - Ionic contamination testing


DCT company produces an identical measuring device with which you can measure smaller PCB - ROSE Tester 32.
Process chamber made from electrochemically polished stainless steel.
Distribution formed tubes from Teflon.
Sensitivity of probe is 0,0001 μS/cm - the most sensitive probe available on the market.
The device tests PCBs using the method of static extraction.
Enables two types of solution: 50/50 and 75/25.
The device is able to heat up the solution up to 40 °C.
For the testing, the PC is not needed.
Easy-to-use measurement wizard consisting of 3 steps.
After the start of measurement, the divide mixes the solution equally.
Streaming helps to release impurities from the PCB.
The device includes special software ROSE View for the management of measurement data in the PC
ROSE tester 54 - Ionic contamination testing


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