Stencil Cleaner 11

An alcohol-based cleaning fluid designed for manual pre-cleaning and cleaning of print stencils and squeegees.

Ready-mix designed for direct use.
Designed for cleaning of most soldering paste and SMT adhesive types.
Recommended for stencil pre-cleaning before machine cleaning or as a manual solution
for stencil cleaning.

Product information

• Universal solution for all types of soldering paste and most SMT adhesive types.
• High material compatibility
• Compatible with both lead and non-lead processes
• Environmentally-friendly - biodegradable
• Does not contain tensides, no risk of solid residue occurrence on the cleaned part surfaces

Table of physical and chemical properties

Product appearance: colourless liquid
Odour, aroma: etheric
pH: not measurable
VOC content: 100%
Recommended process temperature: ambient temperature
Ignition temperature: < 350°C
Flash point: < -23°C
Density at 20°C: 1,55 - 1,66 kg/l
Stencil Cleaner 11


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