Service - Direct Process Support

The installation of the cleaning system is the beginning of our service support

Besides direct process support, we also provide our customers with direct service support worldwide. Alongside the DCT service team, we regularly train each distributor’s local service team.

The distributor’s service teams provide service to customers at a local level, which increases the time availability of service, and reduces the cost of the service itself. However, the DCT service team can still be requested as well. Technical Service Inspection (TSI) is a new and unique service. During maintenance, the state of equipment is checked, and highly stressed components are replaced. Thanks to this, the service life of the cleaning system is prolonged, and additionally more significant repairs are prevented.

For simplicity of service intervention, we have created a series of videos where you can see the basic service operations that each customer can handle on their own cleaning system.

You can find a complete list of video manuals on our youtube channel.


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